We help businesses to organise and strategise their marketing efforts, arrive at the right design, technology and marketing channels to scalably market their business with the objective of achieving best return on investment.

What We Do

Poor digital marketing can render a business directionless and without leads. That’s why the correct digital strategy can ultimately lead to increased revenue and profit for a company. We work with B2B and B2C businesses to identify the optimal route for the company to digitally market. Our consulting advice draws on the deep industry experience of Digital Portfolios to provide goal-oriented consulting tailored to the industry and business in question. Crucially, we advise on how best to prioritise finances to optimise digital media channels to the advantage of the company, to increase intended audience exposure and ultimately increase revenue.

How We Do It

With experience dating back to 1999, Digital Portfolios prides itself on conducting thorough industry-specific research into its clients and their products to gauge their audience demographic and the most efficient way of reaching that population. We assess which digital medium would generate both a high volume and quality of leads to translate into more profit for the company. Our team members come from a diverse range of backgrounds, from Neuroscience to Marketing to Architecture. Accordingly, we employ a holistic approach to our projects, focussing on both aesthetic and content of outreach messages, that is to say, both form and function are important to us in creating a stronger brand for our clients. As such, strategising digital media has as much to do with art as it does with science so to match this, we take an integrated interdisciplinary perspective to our consulting to generate a “complete” brand concept for our clients.

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