Digital Portfolios delivers bespoke high quality content for your product or digital assets that is aimed at your target audience, increasing the chances of a positive enquiry.

What We Do

Relevant content is an important part of your digital assets. Digital Portfolios delivers high quality content as part of our SEO service but we also provide this as a standalone package which includes writing articles; blogs or providing press releases. This allows clients to stay up-to-date with the happenings of your company and also improves search engine rankings, increasing brand exposure and awareness.

How We Do It

With so much experience in the field, we are perfectly poised to stay on top of rapidly changing digital landscape. With recurrent Google algorithm changes, a crucial way to maintain high rankings is through high rankings. Regardless of broad algorithm variations, relevant content routinely prevails and helps companies to maintain top positions on Google search results. As part of our SEO package or a stand-alone service, our tailor-made content ensures brand exposure and good client-company relations, bringing in more leads and thus revenue.
Modern living involves the abundant use of social media platforms - Digital Portfolios harnesses this traffic to our clients’ advantage. This includes:

  • Design and set up Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn and Youtube.
  • Target audience analysis and implementation via conversation, competition and videos.
  • Reporting on KPI’s and ROI
  • Monetising your campaign through social commerce.

Digital Portfolios

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