We help companies and brands be seen on search engines by as many people as possible.

What We Do

SEO is the practice of increasing the visibility of a website on Google and other search engine pages to bring a higher quantity and quality of traffic to it. This allows for a strong brand exposure and ultimately more profitability. At Digital portfolios, we have a deep understanding of the workings of search engine algorithms and what criteria they use or do not use when ranking websites. We can therefore help businesses rank higher on search engine searches to help them bypass their competition and to build brand awareness. These algorithms are continuously updated and therefore the content of websites must regularly update accordingly. Digital Portfolios helps businesses stay ahead of core algorithm changes by making the necessary website alterations to maximise their client exposure.

How We Do It

To achieve the highest rankings, we work with search engines and their recommended best practice techniques so that search engines algorithms recognise websites that we develop as relevant search results.

Keyword Analysis
We apply appropriate technology to analyse the rank and position of your keywords together with search volumes of the keywords in question. This gives an indication of the reach, visibility and competitor performance of your keywords. This is a good indicator on the performance of your keywords and their likely effects on targeted traffic and profitability.

Competitor Analysis
Comparing your site to your competitors is important in order to close the ranking gap between your site and theirs. We would examine the “health” of your SEO activities in terms of keywords, links and content relevancy. Optimising the relevant nodes of activities will mean that your website is relevant and targeted ensuring that you are not losing out to your competition.

Link Analysis
Link building is crucial in SEO marketing to maintain and enhance your websites position in the natural listings. It is not simply the case of just linking your website to other websites but using technology to identify sites which are most likely to drive traffic which is relevant to your site and therefore improves your site rankings.

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