We help businesses market themselves so they can acquire and retain their clients through the right digital channels and build their revenue streams.

What We Do

We provide digital marketing services to businesses to help them gain and retain clients through digital exposure and brand awareness. This leads to increased revenue and profit for a company. Digital Portfolios draws on over 20 years of experience in digital marketing and we have expertise in conducting thorough industry-specific research into its clients and their products to gauge their audience demographic and the most efficient way of reaching that population.

How We Do It

We help businesses find their voice in digital arenas through various digital marketing strategies:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
SEO refers to the practice of using search engines to a business’ advantage. It involves making sure that a search engine finds a website and that it appears on the first pages of the search engine for users to see. This brings about greater brand awareness and in turn helps companies connect with existing and prospective clients more easily, bringing them more leads and thus more profit.

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Pay-per-click (PPC)
PPC is a model of internet marketing that allows companies to pay a fee only when their advertisement is clicked upon. It creates and increases brand awareness and helps companies win clients cost-effectively.

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Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing allows businesses to share and post content on social media to engage audiences using these platforms. Uniquely, social media marketing allows agencies to build a brand identity and build conversations with their users.

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Relevant content is a crucial digital asset and is an important part of the SEO process as it ultimately increases the chances of a positive enquiry.

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How we Measure it – Analytics and Reporting

To measure the success of our digital marketing campaigns, we carry out analysis on the performance of the campaign and then report on it back to our clients. We can provide and analyse: site traffic; user journeys; click rates and frequency of contact page landings for example. In addition to these, we provide other performance metrics to gain detailed insight into the performance of various campaigns. We then diagnose weak areas and identify where we need to act in order to optimise conversions.

Therefore, our analytics and reporting techniques in conjunction with our conversion optimisation techniques help the sales funnel. This converts more visitors into buyers and brings about higher Return on Investments (ROIs) but also helps to maximise marketing budgets.

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