We create designs for brands that are mindful of the company ethos, appeal to targeted audiences and are highly functional.

What We Do

Businesses that do not have congruent branding or aesthetics, risk having a weaker voice on digital platforms and thus fewer clients. We help empower businesses by creating brands and websites that appeal to the clients of businesses. We creating an aesthetic that matches up with the ethos and provenance of the company and that visually articulates its history. Along with this, our websites are highly functional and technically sound, thus incorporating both form and function seamlessly into our work.

How We Do It

This part of Digital Portfolios sits at the interface between the analytical and the expressive. To create brands and logos, we first conduct rigorous research into the past marketing efforts of the company as well as identifying the “ecological niche” of the business with the purpose of identifying revenue-generating audiences. We can then use our technology to find functionally sound designs for websites that best target this population both at the visual and organisational level.

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