Whether you would like to ignite a social media platform engagement or would like to have a social presence, we can help. Our expertise can help you on social media…

What We Do

With billions of social media users globally and rising, Digital Portfolios takes control of business social media campaigns to harness its potential. This increased popularity has meant online consumer dialogue has become more digital and consumers can their express opinions on any subject easily and efficiently. We make sure businesses do not miss out on this by increasing companies’ brand awareness through exposure and engagement with prospective clients on these platforms.

How We Do It

Digital Portfolios helps brands to engage effectively and intelligently with these social media users. We do this in two ways:

Monitor & Engage

We listen, monitor and record what is said about your company, brand, product or service. This could be positive or negative feedback, but how a brand responds to this is important in order to maintain its brand integrity. Our communication with your clients involves dealing with customer concerns and helps to build relationships but also promotes your business on online communities.


We market strategies and ideas about your brand to grow online communities. This will increase engagement and loyalty, whilst attracting potential new customers.
We provide a robust system of communication and interacting with your target audience which are designed for lead generation. This includes:

  • Facebook advertising campaigns which would reach your targeted audience.
  • Connecting to respected blogging sites to ensure that your target audience is introduced to your brand by a trusted blogger within your industry sector.
  • Search optimisation of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram & YouTube.

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