We provide PPC services so that companies generate maximum leads from their digital marketing budget and in turn improve their brand awareness too.

What We Do

PPC is a marketing tool that allows businesses to advertise themselves on search engines when users type in search keywords. Businesses only pay when users click on adverts, making it a cost-efficient marketing tool. We manage a company’s PPC efforts to help them digitally advertise themselves within a budget.

How We Do It

In spite of PPC’s lucrative potential, there is rising competition and increasing bidding prices for keywords in the industry. This in conjunction with a poor understanding of the PPC analytical matrix, often forces companies to abandon their PPC campaigns. However, at Digital Portfolios, our PPC campaigns have a qualitative emphasis which means we conduct thorough analytical research to protect our clients’ ROIs and profit margins to help our clients to thrive in competitive markets. We also conduct thorough research into audience demographics to identify those that when targeted, will bring the highest quantity and quality of leads for our clients.

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